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Some of commonly asked questions and comments are discussed in the following online forums (if none of the web links work, then view the supplied PDF (text) copy):

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Remnant Online [Deleted on 09/22/2010] - My posts drafts of the deleted Remnant Online forum discussion, (which include most of the comments to be responded to by other users), has been reposted here

BlackSDA Forum (Closed Forum) [Forum Copy Repost] [PDF]

Club Adventist Forum

Related discussions to the NJK Project are posted on the Project's Theological Views Blog

Site Architecture Information
Browser Compatability
This website was tested and found to work on over
+52% of the 6 major web browsers used today, these include Internet Explorer, AOL, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and AOL Explorer.

Javascript vs. SSI
To copy identical scripting texts on many pages (over 200), this website chose to use the Client-Side Include script Javascript (js), instead of a Server-Side Include script (php, asp, shtml) for reasons of ease of update data across the entire website, and for page loads/transfer speed and server bandwidth advantages, and quicker local testing and development.

For example a typical page on this website, using many javascript links, has a typical size and transfer weight of only 10KB, while with SSI, where all of the content from these linked files would be included each time by the server before being transfered to the client's web browser, the page would come to regularly be over 260KB. That is 26X larger. This would increase the time that a page takes to transffer and load and consumes a considerable amount of bandwidth. With javascript, once these files have been downloaded and temporarily saved locally after visiting the first pages containing these links, they do not need to be downloaded again from the website's server.

As Javascript (version 1.2+) is found and enabled on over of browsers in use today, and as many non-SSI features and components on the website need Javascript to function, (e.g., the navigational menu, units switch), then this further favoured the decision to use JS for script "includes."

Screen Resolution
This website was designed for a screen resolution of 1024 X 768 or higher (estimated to be of screen resolutions in use today).

Imperial and Metric Units
The "Imperial" Units that are used in the site are more specifically known as the U.S. Customary Units as opposed to the literal Imperial Units

The main differences that show up in the website are that:

-the gallon has 3.785 liters instead of 4.541.

-watt-hour base unit and its derivatives (kilo-, mega-,) are used with Imperial energy calculations rather than the British Thermal Unit (BTU),

-for weight figures given in tonnage units, the Metric Ton (tonnes) unit (abbreviated in this site as "mT") (1,000 kg/2,205 lbs) has defaultly been used instead of also using the units of short tons (2,000 lbs), or tons (2,240 lbs).

Banners Ads
The site's banner ads that appear at the bottom of some webpages are general ads of other Christian sites that can be of benefit to the Chrisitian community. This website ( does not profit in any way from one clicking on these ads to visit these sites. Copyright Notice:
To best represent the websites that are being promoted, header-type graphics from these website were at times used for banner ads here when actual banner ads were not available. If a website owner/webmaster feels this is not "Fair Use" or would like to have the banner removed for another reason, please email this site's . (Please mention the reason, if applicable).

Resource Links
The Page Resource Links given in the right hand column of most webpages on this site help to provide more information related to the topic that was discussed on that webpage. This can be particularly useful for those who have joined the NJK/HC Project and are doing further studies on a particular subject. Using these links (i.e., clicking on them) also do not profit this website in any way.

Wikimedia Links
This site makes copious use of "Wikimedia" links (mostly Wikipedia) for reference information links. Although these are open, user provided and edited, free-content articles, they are monitored for "nonsense and vandalism" and are thus reliable, generally accurate and trustworthy, in addition to being informative and useful as introductory material. Web Links to external and/or authoritative source are also provided at the end of most articles. Wikipedia articles also allow the reader to further study and understand a topic by the use of the links of related and key words within the articles.
July 19, 2011