The Sacrifice of Christ
The abbreviation for the New Jerusalem Kingdon (NJK) is detailed to reflect the most prominent and intergral part for the foundation of each Holy City- the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It is shown in brown/wooden lettering for the cross of Christ, outlined in red -the shed blood of Christ. Following the true discipleship qualifications set out by Jesus Christ in the Gospels (Mat. 10:38 ; 16:24 ; Luke 14:27) HC/NJK Citizens will be expected to follow in the self-denying example of Jesus Christ of "laying down" their lives for the many other could-be "friends of God" by helping them both spiritually and physically (cf. John 10:11 & 15:13).

The Ten Commandments
Past civilizations have clearly demonstrated that a society will self destruct if it does not adhere to the perfect Law of the Creator God- the Ten Commandments. Trying to function outside of these principles is quite futile. Each Holy City and the New Jerusalem Kingdom will be a place where the Law of God reign supreme not only on tablets of stone but, as it is the purpose of the New Covenant, within each citizen's heart (See
Jer 31:31-34 with Heb 8:6-13)

The Floating Units
The foundational building block of an Holy City is its floatstructure which is mainly composed of individual floating units. Of course this is the one component that makes it possible to occupy the vast water surface area of the earth.

The Waters
Water is literally the lifeblood of every living thing. The fact that this resource will be easily accessible to each HC as they are literally sitting upon it, will prove to be significant and valuable. These waters will also be valuable to each HC for natural resources. The oceans themselves (
International Waters) are a vast reservoir of untapped resources ranging from polymetallic nodules and metal rich sediments to dissolved minerals. While the concentration of these dissolved minerals may be microscopic, the tremendous volume of water upon the earth make their resource potential capable of meeting the needs of Holy Cities many times over.

The Sands
The NJK-HC will be implementing new and more advanced building/industrial materials made of Fiberglass, (more specifically Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP)) instead of metals wherever it is applicable. This longer lasting and more performant material will not only prove to be a better investment in many ways but will also be a less "expensive" resource as they are composed by over 75% from silica from sands. With silicon being the second most abundant element on the earth's crust (28%) (behind only Oxygen (46%) on this planet) and 2X more abundant than aluminium (8%) and iron (6%) combined, and with sand being readily accessible in the voluminous "
sand seas" (a.k.a. "ergs") of the earth's deserts, HC's will be able to be constructed and built up with highly reliable materials which are specifically sutiable for the more corrosive environment in which they will be placed.

The Sun
It could easily be defended that society would not thrive, or even be feasible today, with the world current population in the billions, without the presence of energy. What is interesting is that every form of energy in use today originally has its origin with the sun, either directly or by natural effects caused by the sun. From supplying the light energy for vegetation and trees to grow and eventually produce oil, coal or fuel for fire, the sun is the ultimate supplier. An HC will seek to be as efficent as possible in order to simplify the lives. livelihood and quality of life of all its residents, and therefore will make use of clean, renewable energy. Thanks be to the God that this necessary component of an Holy City can readily come from the freely and easily accessible sun.
October 13, 2008