Welcome to the Holy City Project

What Is the Holy City Project?
The Holy City (HC) Project is the endeavor to establish wholly Christian cities in locations throughout the globe. Each of these cities will be a place which will wholeheartedly, fully incorporate the principles, values, ideology and theology of Christianity in its society. In anticipation of, and in willful and due preparation and conformity for, the coming Heavenly Kingdom of God, it will be a place "in which righteousness dwells" (2 Pet. 3:13). In short, it will be a foretaste of Heaven, on Earth.

The HC Project will establish of these Holy Cities. They will be floating cities, established globally, specifically in International Waters. They will be united as one country which will be known as the New Jerusalem Kingdom (NJK).

What is the Purpose of the HC Project?
The motivating factor for the HC Project is to provide a solid, supportive, socio-economic platform for anyone who would like to be involved in global Christian religious and humanitarian missions and ministry. The present economic systems in most, if not all, countries, do not facilitate such significant ministries to be fully carried out by those who are willing. By making use of a sustainable and success-bound, Free-Service | Raw Material based, publicly and commonly-planned, client-side economy, "moored" by Biblical principles, the NJK|HC Project is set on overcoming this major obstacle and thoroughly carry out its planned global humanitarian missions and gospel ministries. (See in the HC Ministry section).

Observations and studies have and will show that it will only be through such a cooperation and organization by the people of God in such tangible actions that the various, ever-increasing basic and vital needs of hundreds of millions of people in the world will truly ever be met; and without further life-damaging|taking 'collateral casualties.' True followers of Christ should clearly understand that in the eyes of their God, everyone's life counts and is worth the effort. (e.g., Matt 25:31-46; cf. Luke 10:25-37). Therefore Bible Christians should be leading the way in demonstrating this pivotal truth to the world.

Who is the HC Project?
The Holy City Project is anyone who wants to in the establishing of its global ministry. Everyone who contributes to the best of their capability and then who also becomes citizens/residents of the new country will automatically, equally benefit in all of its various spiritual, social and economic rewards.

The NJK Project is dedicated to providing: (Outright) Life and Quality of Life; Biblical Freedom; and the Attainment of Happiness, for all. (=EW 39.3a) (contra)

Jerusalem ="Holy City"

Several statements in both the Old and the New Testaments show that the term "Holy City" is not only used to refer to the Heavenly New Jerusalem, but also to the earthly (old) Jerusalem. (Neh 11:1, 18; Isa 52:1; Dan 9:24; Matt 4:5; 27:53). The given name here of "Holy City" is used to overtly testify to other nations and peoples of what once was; what now could be; and along with the name "New Jerusalem" Kingdom, a preview, though not perfect, of what one day will fully be.

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