NJK Foundations

- "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" Psalm 11:3 (KJV) -

Every country in this world is essentially made up of four foundational entities. These entities inevitably are greatly interdependent and even though they may seem on the surface to be headed in their own direction, the individual performance of each one does affect the performance of the others. These four main foundational entities are as follows:

  1. Political- Determines how a country will be administered.
  2. Cultural- Determines the religious beliefs, social life, and values of a nation.
  3. Economical- Determines the livelihood and "sustainability" of a country.
  4. Technological- Determines the kind and quality of life of a country.

The "morality" of each of these entities is directly determine by the "god" to which they are each "bowing down" to, e.g., the gods, respectively, of: (1) Power, (2) Self, (3) Wealth, and (4) Materialism. While these may be the gods of the majority of earthly countries and nations, the makeup of New Jerusalem Kingdom will be very different from these from the very root, for while these four fundamental entities will be found in the NJK, they will continually and forever be bowing down before the throne of the Eternal and Almighty God, Creator of "the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them." (Exo 20:11; 31:17; Rev 4:11). Therefore these four entities of the NJK will be national models of (1) Leadership, (2) Service, (3) Equality, and (4) Effectiveness, respectively. These are all traits that can truly be achieved when only the true God is worshiped.

The twelve main organizational departments of the NJK can be arranged under each of these four entities as follows:

HC Organization
HC Building
HC Security
HC Living
HC Ministry
HC Leisure
HC Economy
HC Agriculture
HC Health
HC Energy
HC Utilities
HC Transport

True Freedom
The NJK will be a Free society in the true sense of the word "freedom" -its Biblical sense. Some of the things which are allowed, condoned and committed in some countries in the name of "freedom" is actually not freedom but "freed-om." It is the result of peoples having freed themselves from moral ethics and responsibilities. Such a falsely called "freedom" is actually something that the devil would suggest as the way this world should be ruled. (cf. John 8:37-47). It is a rule in which society is unheeding to the Truth and the Law of God, the Ten Commandments, (the "Law of Liberty" - Psalms 119:45, James 2:12, James 1:25), concerning our duty to God (the first 4 Commandments) and to man (the remaining 6 Commandments). Contrary to this misconception which has socio-political implications, the Bible has much to say about what true Freedom is. According to the Jesus and the rest of the Word of God, Freedom is:

a) John 8:32-36 - The retainment from committing sin.
b) Rom 8:21 - The emancipation from the slavery of corruption.
c) 2 Cor 3:13, 14 - The steadfast transformation into the glorious image of Christ.
d) 1 Pet 2:16 - Not a covering for evil.
e) Gal 5:13 -Not a ‘loophole’ to make opportunities for the flesh.  

A Christian Nation???

Based on these Biblical standards, one nation in particular which considers itself an ambassador of freedom and of "God," -the United States of America- is, in actuality, neither free, nor Christian. It will either subject (i.e. enslave) people to the reign of evil on this planet through its various condoned sins and/or it will corrupt integrity by its "lawful" fleshly practices. One may say that such a denunciation is not necessary, but actually it is quite needed and expedient because the flagrant double standard of this nation has actually done more against true Christianity and the fulfilling of the Gospel commission than anything else, thus detrimentally affecting whatever good it may have done. Despite its (spurious) national claims ("One Nation Under God", "In God We Trust") and "prayer" ("God Bless America"), the United States of America should consider itself by what it really is in the light of the word of God: namely, a spiritually-speaking, "drunken," "adulterous," and "confused" nation (Rev 18) and a "false prophet." (Rev 16:13). Surely she is not speaking for the God of Heaven. Frankly speaking, it is about time that the Name of God be formally disassociated from such rampant and pervasive unGodliness.

May 14, 2013