NJK Constitution

This entire website contributes to the expression of the NJK-HC Constitution however the following is concentrated working/developing draft of the planned NJK Constitution. Nothing is "final" here but most likely to be implemented. Foundational citizens of the NJK will be able to contribute to its development.

Note: If any part of this website conflicts with what is expressed in this, quasi-brainstormsing draft, this draft, which is the latest development on these ideas, is the most likely/binding of those statements. Usually any discrepancy will be more in the form of an improvement or further/detailing expression of another statement. If any actual contradictions are found please notify the NJK Project via its email.

"Give me Righteousness... or Nothing Else" (~Matt 5:6, 20; cf.)

Chief Motto: Truth, Righteousness and Justice (cf. Psa 89:14; 97:2)
(vs. e.g., the U.S.'s: (subjective) Opinion, (sin-inclusive) Freedom and (oblivious/indifferent) Peace)

NJK Declaration of Separation (~Declaration of Independence) Rev 9:20, 21

(From a Western World Perspective)

For reasons of:

-idolatry allowed, chiefly in regards to money which is made to dictate life and death and/or quality of life

-condoned murder

-detrimental culture

-fundamentally unfair and/or non-scientific, defaultly enslaving, economic models

-persisted and revered moronic mindlessness

-unsustainable course, barring drastic measures

-irreparably detrimental foreign/geo policies


NJK Constitution


Governmental Levels Types



Theocratic, Selective & Elected, Monarchy


Federal & Regional

Monarchial Federalism

Judicial Regional and National Advocative Democracy (Adjudicracy)



Derived Constitutional Republic

Directorial, Protectorate (Local) Presidency

Multi-Ruling Separated Powers

Split Bicameralism

Dynamic Constituency Representation

Optionable Direct Democracy



{1}  Constitutional Powers - As a natural, and due result of the various foundational reasons and circumstances given rise to the establishment of the New Jerusalem Kingdom (NJK), its Constitutional Powers will be made up of an interworking of the following three entities in what is to be known as a Themocracy.


            {a} Theocracy - As the NJK is being established to uphold the will of the Creator God as revealed in the Holy Bible, it will have as its Primary Constitutional Power elements of a Theocracy. In keeping with the Biblical principle of Free Will, despite the possible adverse consequences, the Supremacy of this Primary Power is to be, through a due voting process, freely acknowledge.


            {b} Monarchy - Given the forcefully sole efforts that were necessitated to accomplish the establishment of the NJK, it will have as its Secondary Constitutional Power elements of a Monarchy stemming from the founder of the NJK.

            The duties of the Monarchy is to assure that actions within its NJK Jurisdiction are in accordance to the Supreme Law of the NJK, Chiefly in the Ten Commandments, as well as what is taught in the rest of the Bible.


            {c} Democracy - As the NJK is being established to provide a ‘Biblically abundant life’ (John 10:10) for its citizens, the will of the People will being the Tertiary Constitutional Power of the NJK.


                        [1] Subjugation of Powers - The order of these three powers is, as indicated, to

flow downwards from the Primary to the Tertiary Power, where a “Higher Constitutional Power” will have the authority to initiate and attempt any necessary advance, remand and/or redress, with the other powers then providing their input. Nonetheless, in keeping with Biblical precedence, each Constitutional Power will have unalienable, final authority in matters within its inherent jurisdiction. As such:

                                    [i] the Democratic Power jurisdiction will not extend in authority beyond or an individual Holy City (HC) (see below in {} for HC Constituency) and above its superior constitutional powers;


                                    [ii] the Monarchial Power jurisdiction in itself, will not extend beyond its Regional assignment (see below in {} for Monarchial Assignments), and above the revealed will of God, i.e., by endeavoring to change or ignore it;


                                    [iii] the Theocratic Power jurisdiction, being literally in the realm of God and thus Supreme, will downwardly establish its jurisdiction as it wills, and as already demonstrated and revealed in the Bible and ascertained “Biblical History” (i.e., “World and/or Church History” in which God has revealed (e.g., via an established prophet) that He has directly acted, as in the Bible.


Constitutional Powers Jurisdiction and Constituency


{2} The Constitutional Powers of the NJK will have/be made up of the following Jurisdictions and Constituencies.

            {a} Realm of God - The entire NJK will be the default realm of the Creator God.


            {b} Realm of the NJK - The NJK shall be made up of the collection of established or ascribing city-states of floating cities located in International Waters.


                        [1] NJK Regions - For more pertinently precise service, the realm of the NJK will be subdivided into 24 geographically delimited, territorially equal, and responsibility balanced, regional jurisdiction.


                                    [i] Monarchial Rule - Each Region will be ruled over by a member of the Monarchy known as an NJK Ethnarch.


            {c} Realm of an Holy City - An Holy City will exerted local power and binding influence to the borders of its ascribe territorial limitation, which is expected to be 12 nautical miles beyond its HC Ports, and 24 nautical miles for permitted economic exploitation purposes.


                        [1] HC Districts - An HC will be subdivided into 12 wholly equalized districts.


                                    [i] Monarchial Rule - Each Holy City will directly be under the Superior Authority of a member of the Monarchy known as an HC Princep.


            {d} Formal Powers - As Constitutional Heads of HC Powers, the members of the Monarchy hierarchially hold, and have, the powers and titles, prefixed by:

                        -“Ruling” = HC Princep

                        -“Superior” = NJK Ethnarch

                        -“Supreme” = NJK Monarch


            as follows:                  


                        -Supreme|Superior|Ruling Justice

                        -Supreme|Superior|Ruling Commissioner

                        -Supreme|Superior|Ruling Pastor

                        -Supreme|Superior|Ruling Legislator

                        -Supreme|Superior|Ruling Executive

                        -Supreme|Superior|Ruling Intelligence



                        [1] Divine Authority - All these “Supreme, Superior, Ruling” titles fall under the NJK’s fully recognized Authority of God, which formally prefixes these titles with the hierarchal titles of: “Divine, Heavenly and/or Biblical”, which are representative of the various ways which God can communicate His Will to His People; -namely through, respectively, Direct/Spoken (e.g., Exod 19:18-20:18ff; Luke 3:22; John 12:28; John 6:63, 68), Prophetic (e.g., Num 12:6|2 Pet 3:20-21), or Inspired (2 Tim 3:16), revelations.


Constitutional Powers Entities


{3} NJK and HC Powers - The following Constitutional Powers Entities shall serve as the Structure, Organization, Function and Responsibility of the NJK, its Regions, and its constituent HC.


            {a} HC Powers - An HC will function under the principle of a Division of Governing Powers, as compared to a Separation of Powers. These will be the following 6 Powers (a.k.a. “[Branches]”): (1) Spiritual [Senate]; (2) Administrative [Prime Minister]; (3) Order [Legislative]; (4) Justice [Judicial]; (5) Intelligence [Information]; (6) Compliance [Law Enforcement]. The functional naming of these powers is deliberately done to emphasize the end responsibilities that they will have to meet. All of these powers are under a 7th Protectorate, Directorial, Presidential Power.


            {b} NJK Shadow Powers - To best conduct its Superior Constitutional Supervising Power applicable to the realm of an HC, NJK Monarchial Power shall have the authority to establish shadowing powers for any HC Power and agency to the extent substantively deemed necessary. However it will have default authority to commandeer any entity, defaulty staffed by volunteered, and/or, if necessary, compelled, personnel, to achieved its judicious ends.


                        {i} Monarchial Police - The Compliance Power’s “Police of the Police” (a.k.a. “Internal Affairs”) duties will be filled by a Monarchial Compliance Agency.

                        {ii} Cross HC Monarchial Positions - Monarchial positions to be filled are not limited to citizens of the HC where it will function but Monarchs from other HC can agree to have citizens from their HC’s fill those positions.


            {c} Head of HC Powers - The 6 HC Powers will be headed by a central Presidential office which will be an elected President for an HC (see {} for election process).

            The Principal Power of the President will be a Protectorate and Directorial one, in order to see and insure that the Democratic will of the people, as determined in formally established laws, including the Fundamental Law of each Power, is being obeyed, and their established rights respected and protected, by each of the 6 HC Powers which it overviews.

            -As head of each HC Power, the President has to formal titles of:

                        -Judicial President

                        -Compliance President

                        -Pastoral President

                        -Legislative President

                        -Executive President

                        -Intelligence President


                        [1] Democratic Presidential Check - As a power which is to serve as an ultimate protector of the will of the people, and see that it is done as desired, the Presidential Power will be able to be subject to, with judicially demonstrated and/or demonstrable cause*, a direct democratic check where its Decisions and Orders can be stayed if a majority of the people feel that it is contrary to their actual will. This same Democratic Check power will be able to directly petition the President to perform an action, even one which aims to remedy a considered wrong by any of the 6 HC Power Leaders.


                        * Monarchial Justification - An action which requires a demonstration of cause, which is namely one to which the President actually objects, will be judicially determined in a process under the decision-making authority of the HC Princep.


                        [2] Presidential Powers Secretaries - To facilitate the duties of the HC Presidency with each of the Six HC Powers, the HC President will nominate 3 candidates for a Secretary to each HC Powers, from which each Powers Leader will select one.


                                    {i} Secretarial Positions/Titles - The Titles of the HC Presidency Secretaries are:

                        -Judicial Secretary

                        -Compliance Secretary

                        -Pastoral Secretary

                        -Legislative Secretary

                        -Executive Secretary

                        -Intelligence Secretary


            {d} NJK/HC Powers Elements - The details of each of these Powers is summarily detailed in the following table:


{NJK Powers Table}


            {e} NJK/HC Powers Fundamental Law, Functions and Responsibilities - The NJK/HC Powers will have the following Fundamental Law, Functions and Responsibilities:


                        [1] Judiciary - The Fundamental Law of the Judiciary Power of the NJK/HC will be to provide due justice for any and all.

                        (i) Its Functions and Responsibilities  will be in deciding Matters of dispute between two or more opposing parties.


                        [2] Compliance - The Fundamental Law of the Compliance Power of the NJK/HC will be to make sure the all of the formally voted laws of the People are being complied with.

                        (i) Its Functions and Responsibilities will be in ensuring the lawful security, safety, peace and peace of mind of the People.


                        [3] Pastoral - The Fundamental Law of the Pastoral Power of the NJK/HC will be to precisely ascertain what the Will of God is on/for any issue.

                        (i) Its Functions and Responsibilities will be in providing proper, thorough, conclusive, exhaustive, pertinent and applicable Biblical Instruction for NJK Citizens.


                        [4] Legislative - The Fundamental Law of the Legislative Power of the NJK/HC will be to ascertain the will of the People on all issues.

                        (i) Its Functions and Responsibilities will be in the formulate public policies and civil law to ensure the proper ordering of the NJK to the Constitutional well-being benefit of all residents/citizens of an HC.


                        [5] Executive - The Fundamental Law of the Executive Power of the NJK/HC will be to provide the most efficient and effective means and measures to execute the express will of the people.

                        (i) Its Functions and Responsibilities will be in exactly implement the formally expressed will of its HC Residents.


                        [6] Intelligence - The Fundamental Law of the Intelligence Power of the NJK/HC will be to obtain and provide factual and truthful information to citizens of an HC.

                        (i) Its Functions and Responsibilities will be in most effectively obtaining and communicating this information to the People.


            {f} Functional Authority of Powers - NJK/HC Powers will have the authority to establish and implement the needed Local, Regional and/or Global agencies and Constitutional internal policies to most effectively function and properly carry out its responsibilities, through the most efficient use of NJK resources.


            {g} Powers Accountability - Each NJK/HC power will have the Power and Authority to hold any other power to Constitutional and/or Functional account. This will be done by initiating the necessary actions through the Office of the HC Presidency. For matters involving any direct part of the Office of the HC Presidency, the entire matter will defaulty be under the authority and direction of the HC Princep.


            {h} Powers Legislative Authority - Any HC Power has the authority to suggest any policy/law it deems necessary to either the proper functioning of their power and/or to the Just Checking of another power. The passing of that policy/law will depend on a vote by the Legislator.


{}        Superior Legislative Orders - The formulation of laws that will affect more than one

HC will be within the exclusive realm of (1) Regional Powers for HC’s within the same NJK Region, and (2) of NJK Powers for HC’s in various Regions.



Intelligence Powers

{}        Evidentiary Basis for Questionings - As any statement made to a member of the

Intelligence Power is subject to full “false witnessing” penalties and as silence is not a benign answering option, any member of the Intelligence Power posing an incriminating question will have to first state in a statement directly leading up to the question, the evidentiary basis for their question.


Miscellaneous Points

Through its Constitutional Monarchial Powers,


Powers Accountability - The holding Power will have the authority to bindingly, and with applicable, and if needed, utmost priority, summons the services of any other power to effectuate this accountability.


Cross Powers Procedural and Advisory Influence Throughout Hierarchy in Power



Armed Forces


Foreign Intervention Powers

{} Foreign Intervention Powers - In any tangible intervention, be it for foreign assistance or militaristic, by an NJK entity involving a  foreign entity, the powers of decision and action will hierarchally defaultly belong to the directly applicable and/or assigned NJK Monarchial Power.


{} Foreign Intervention Compensation - The Foreign Intervention service, be it for foreign assistance or militaristic, of anyone for the NJK will be purely voluntary, that is, without any incentive or special reward, beyond normative and due compensations.



Regional Conference/Parliament

{} Roving Locations - To provide for full transparency throughout an NJK Region in pertinent government matters, each new Regional Conference/Parliament will at a new hosting location within that region. I.e., at a New HC District Temple.

            {} Equal Hosting Opportunities - To ensure that each HC has had an equal amount of opportunities to host a Regional Conference/Parliament

            {} Fixed Reserved Local Seating - To emphasize the purpose of roving Regional Conferences and Parliaments, 75% of the hosting site’s seating will be reserved for residents of the hosting HC.


Powers Positions Successions

Graduated System

Regional Envoys


HC Envoy power is merely suggestive and

NJK General Conference/Parliament

-Reserved Attendance


NJK Missions under Regional Authority






Regional Representative

Global Representative


Monarchial Objective to assure the continuance of the foundational goal of the NJK Power to Disassociate and HC



Constitutional Duties


{} Enduring Constitution Approval - Each (New) Citizen will manually sign the NJK Constitution. Children will do so upon starting their own household.



HC Powers Inter-Operation


Administrative Power

{}   Production Mandate - The Administrative Power receives its Economic Mandates from Legislative “Economic Plans” drawn up from, and voted upon by, the Order Power.


            {} Mandate Drafting Cooperation - All HC Powers are to assist as necessary in the Legislative Power’s Drafting of the Economic Mandate.



Order Power



Compliance Power


{} Moral Sins Enforcements - All offenses which fall under the category of Moral Sins are subject to the Matt 18:15-17. With the final reforming step (Matt 18:17b) being involving the Moral Police.



Judicial Power                      

            {}   Three-Tiered System - Matters will applicably fall under the following three judicial categories or Law/Justice, namely Moral, Criminal, Civil Law/Justice.


            {}   Moral Law/Justice will involve all judicially discretionary matters (e.g, violations to any of the Ten Commandments), including (discretionary) sentencing of cases from the other judicial categories, and matters that are not included the area of Criminal Matters.

            {}   Criminal and Civil Law/Justice will deal with non-discretionary matters that fall within their judicial categories. These are expected to be similar to common Criminal vs. Civil Law distinctions.


Judicial Process


Basic Violation(s)


{} First to Tenth Commandment Violations - A charge is to be duly shown to be a violation of any of the Ten Commandments (Exod 20-1-17)


            {}   Penalty Scale - Penalties are in terms of years of affectation, at increments of 1 year, on joint categorized 1X-10X increasing scales of product of the following three factors:

                        -Intentionality - Mens Rea of Convicted

                        -Aggravance - Level of Involvement/Effort/Energy in Violation Committance

                        -Frequency - Number of Present Counts and/or any Prior Sentences


                        ~Example: Inte: 2X * Aggr: 1X * Freq: 4X = 8 years of affectation


{} Sentencing Powers Split - Upon the Judiciary Power having determined the facts and verdict of a case, the above 3 factors in the Sentencing Quantum will be independently set/reckoned by a judicial council from corresponding levels, and pertinent jurisdictions, of 3 HC Powers. These are namely:


            -Intentionality - Pastoral Power

            -Aggravance - Order Power

            -Frequency - Intelligence Power


            {} Sentence Penalty - Default Sentencing is set at 10% of annual income. However the Judicial Power can judiciously choose how the above set/reckon ‘years of sentencing’ affectation are applied beyond the Tangible Economic Restitution mentioned below, i.e., whether as e.g., Probation, House Arrest (with work leave), House Arrest (with work at home), Full Time Foreign Mission Work, Prison time, etc.


                        {} Concurring Sentences - Any sentence during the serving of prior one(s) will be cumulative in terms of percentage of income, during the period of concurrence.


                        {} Jail Holding - Any validated alleged violation(s) charge that is claimed to be a 100X offense warrants an automatic Jail Holding until trial.

                        {} Prison Sentencing - Any adjudged prosecution that is penalized at 100X or more or any concurrent sentences which add up to 100% of income, warrants an automatic Prison Detention for that time.


                        {} Parole - Available with due process at each 10 year interval when one Penalty Time to serve drops below 100 years.


            {} Tangible Economic Restitution (Civil Process) - The tangible economic damage to a victim will be immediately, equally paid by HC Citizens and then collected, with interest, as a dividend of total Sentencing Penalty from the convicted. (E.g., $100,000 of costs and damage on a 5-year Sentence = $20,000 per year+interest).


                        {}  Restitution Interest - The annual interest of a Tangible Economic Restitution is 10%.

            {} Scaled Restitution - Based on the Luke 12:48b principle, for leaders which have a higher, scaled Income, Tangible Economic Restitution penalties will be according to the factor of in Income Scale, with however only the actual amount going to the victim, and the remaining amount being equally distributed among the general population. (See first Factor Numbers in Table below)

                        {}   Non Economic Penalties Factor & Scale - Non Economic Penalties have a default, base 10X multiplying factor, with a ‘times +1X’ factor for each additional Leadership Level above the first scaled up one, through to the NJK Monarch position.  (See Second (bold) Factor Numbers):


NJK Monarch - 1000X - 100X

Regional Ethnarchs - 100X - 90X

HC Princeps - 10X - 80X

HC Presidents - 7X - 70X

Powers Leaders - 6X - 60X

Subdivision Chiefs - 5X - 50X

Ministry Ministers - 4X - 40X

Department Directors - 3X - 30X

Office Secretaries - 2X - 20X

Agency Effectives - 1.5X - 10X

NJK Citizens - 1X - 1X



Miscellaneous Points

- Making mischaraterizing remarks/statements about someone else (a.k.a defamation, libel)= Ninth Commandment violation.


Holy City Joining


Individual Immigration

The Power to grant NJK Citizenship will wholly be with the Monarchial Powers. HC will have the democratic choice to approve which pointedly intending immigrant they will accept.



Holy City Ceceding

90% & 14+ year avg. HH Residency of seceders, to Straightly Carry HC

less = Return of Property or Payment Market Value difference

-Equivalent based on standing and residency

HC Princep



HC Powers Elections

-One of 7 HC Powers Election every year - during month no. 12:4-13:3,

0. HC Residents (innerly, secretly - [open data to Monarchs]) nominate candidates from leadership positions - 1 (variable) choice per HH) [throughout 6+ years up to 2 months before Election (=10:4)]

1. Nominated Candidates express (final) decision - (3 days) [=3 days]

2. Monarchial Judicious Reviews (from 6+ years) Results* - (1 day) [=4 days]

3. General Electorate Deliberation (GED) A - (10 days) [= 14 days]

4. GED-A Vote [Top 4 vote-getters advance] (1 day) [=15 days]

5. General Electorate Deliberation B (10 days) [=25 days]

6. Monarchial Final Statement (2 days) [= 27 days]

7. HC Power Voting Day (open & real-time results) (1 day) [= 28 days]


-HC Pastor position is the only one of the powers whose election candidates are discretionarily selected by the choice of the HC Princep for the Primary Round Voting.


-Following Presidential Election winner

-The Primary Round Voting is done by the HC Pastors in a individual (i.e., non-quorum) vote

-The Top 3 Vote getters accede to the Secondary Round where they are voted upon, through regular voting procedure, by the HC’s Citizens.


One 7 year term limit.


HC Powers Vice Presidency

Top 2 Runners up in Presidential Election automatically becomes Vice Presidents

-To keep informed of Presidential Issues while continuing in his Powers work, the Runners Up (=Vice Presidents), will appoint a Secretaries to the President, who will be their representative to/from the Presidential Office.

-For possible “continuance” or prior alternative chance, if so desired, upon primaries voting nomination & approval, the VP may still be eligible for Election after end of his VP term.


In case of an incompletion of term by a President, the next Runner up in Power Election automatically succeeds a Presidential Winner, but as an interim President until next scheduled election.

            -The Third place finisher, and standing 2nd Vice President then functions as the interim 1st Vice President.

            -The highest approval ranking from the bottom 3 Powers Leaders then fills in the 2nd Vice President position.


-The Duties of the two Vice Presidents are:


            (A) As Overseers of 3 HC Powers each.

                        -The 1st Vice President oversees the Pastoral, Executive and Legislative Powers.

-The 2nd Vice President oversees the Judicial, Intelligence, and Compliance Powers


            (B) As Cross-Powers Supervisors of the Two HC Constituent Entities, namely (1) the Government and (2) the People.


-Monarchial and Judicious check available


{}         HC Powers Transition and Inaugural - 8. Election Transition Period (14 days) [13:4-

1:1] - Inaugural on Day 1 of 1:2 Week.


{}         Monarchial Judicious Review - NJK Monarch/Ethnarchs/Princeps have ultimate

hierarchal, judicially remanding, review powers of all electoral candidates to ensure that they have abided by, and fully reflect NJK Spirit, Character and Constitutional Values.


{} HC Presidential Candidacing - The top 3 in (itemized, cumulative) Approval Grading (i.e., 1-10 scale) Ratings (Cumulative average of single decision ratings) from among the 6 HC Powers Leaders are automatically candidates for Presidency.



HC Voting

As the founding aim of the NJK is to make decisions based on Truth, and as truth is best arrived at through discussion, debate and consensus, the voting powers will be from each (nuclear family) household.

-Each household is free to determine how they will ultimately reach an approved of voting consensus. (E.g., determining a tie breaking vote person/system)


{}   Para-Mandatory Voting - all households must vote or be/will be represented

-default vote representation goes to Local Pastors (= Members of “Senate”)

HC Pastors vote in Majority Quorum of 3.

-1 Pastoral quorum per Township

-Pastoral Voting Quorum is made up of a Township’s Head Pastor and his 2 Associate Pastors


People Representative vote in Majority Quorum of 3

-1 Representative quorum per Township

Representative Voting Quorum is made up of a Township’s Representative and his 2 (also elected) Field Secretaries


Constituency Democratic Representation

The Electoral Makeup of the People’s Representation are from the 3 top vote-getters in that constituency election.

-All 3 are Representative of their voters but, in terms of the operation of the office, the top vote getter functions as the Head of the Office, with the next 2 functioning as his/her Field Secretaries.  -Vote Weight - The 3 Electoral Representatives defaultly have their vote weighted according to the electoral voting percentage results or according to the weight of a subsequently chosen direct representation.

E.g., Representative 1 - 62%; Rep. 2 - 22%; Rep. 3 - 16%

= Rep. 1 = 1.62X; Rep. 2 = 1.22X; Rep 3 = 1.16X


-Formal Representation is limited to the top 3 vote getting Representatives, however direct representation accounts for any number of additional electoral choice/view.


An HC Households must indicate representative choice (if not directly voting) before each vote.


ca. 4166 Townships per HC

24,966 Pastoral and Representatives deliberate in HC Temple (144,000)


Public Discussion Guideline

{}    All public/political statements, discussion and debate is to be based on facts and truth and not on spurious/vacuous opining and preferential spins.



Leadership Interim Succession

Mid-Term Confidence Voting

{} HC Powers - Each HC Power Leadership Position is subject to a simple majority confidence voting at the mid point of their term. If they fail the vote, then their position is to be filled by the runner up vote-getter on an interim basis until the next pertinent electoral period


{} Leadership Position - Each Leadership position above the populace level is also subject to a simple majority confidence voting at their mid-term mark. If the voting is failed, the position is to be filled according to the normative manner by the superior leader in office.




{} Leadership Impeachment - Any HC leader throughout the line of leadership in an HC power can be impeach and removed from their position through a judicial process.


            {} Impeachment Priority - Any Impeachment process will have the utmost priority in the Judicial system.



HC Powers Interim Succession


            {} Primary Succession  [#1-#3] - In the case of the need for an interim

succession (e.g., for an impeachment or a death), the order of power will primarily be according to the results of the last power pertinent General Election.


            {} Secondary Succession [#4-#6] - Secondarily, if the case should be, the order of power will be according to the primary results in the other bottom 3 HC Power Leaders.


            {} Tertiary Succession [#7-#12] - Tertiary order of power will be according with the HC Powers vice-directors, and according to the HC Powers electoral order for the Primary and Secondary position above (i.e., #1-#6].


            {} Subsequent Succession [#13ff] - Beyond a Tertiary order of power, the HC Princep shall appoint as interim whomever s/he sees fit however from the successive leadership positions in the HC Powers Organizations


            {} HC Presidency Vacation Filling - When an HC Power Leader is elected to the Office of Presidency before the end of their full term, their former position is filled by the present runner-up in the past HC Power election, to be confirmed by a snap popular approval voting.


{}         Monarchial Heightened Interim Power - During a period of an interim leadership, the

HC Princep and the other NJK Monarchs will have heightened powers through pointedly the HC Presidency in order to intervene as they see fit in the interim HC Power.


{}         Monarchial Tie-Breaking - In the case of an exact statistical tie, the tie will be broken

by a transparently judicious choice of the HC Princep, with superceding judicious authority available to higher hierarchal monarchs if judiciously necessary.


{}   Monarchial Continuity Succession - The result of the 7 candidates voting in a monarchial election, including monarchial candidacy voting determines that Monarchial position’s continuity succession order. As such, selected monarchial candidates are to participate in monarchial actions as discretioned semi-private/common knowledge observers.


{}         General By-Elections - In order to take away any incentive or incitement to unlawfully

ascend to a leadership, a General By-Election is to be fully completed according to the norm established above in {} 6 months after the initial vacating of the leadership office.


HC Kingdom Representation


{} Continuing Duties of HC President - Following their term as President, an HC President is mandated to continue his leadership service duties.


{} HC Envoy to NJK Region - Following an HC Presidency, the HC President is to serve as a representative his HC as an Advisorial Envoy to the NJK Region, for a term of 3.5 years.


{} NJK Region Envoy to NJK Kingdom - Following a term as an Advisorial Envoy to the NJK Region, this former HC president is eligible to serve as one of the representative of the HC’s NJK Region at the NJK Kingdom Level. The election for this position will be as normative general elections.


{} Interim NJK Region Envoys - In the case of the need to fill a vacated Envoy position, the position will be filled by an election from former HC Presidents. If none is available, the position will be temporarily filled by appointment of the affected NJK Ethnarch.


{} Interim NJK Kingdom Envoys - Interim NJK Kingdom envoys will be temporarily filled in by the voting results order for the past NJK Kingdom Envoy election, confirmed by a snap vote of the affected (i.e., represented) constituents. In the case of a disapproving result, another Envoy Election will take place from that same pool of candidates.


[Vote Point System - ]

First Place Vote - 5 pts

Second Place Vote - 3 pts

Third Place Vote  - 1 pt


Monarchial Candidate Selections


{} Monarchial Terms - Monarchial terms are up to 2x7 years for HC Princeps; 3x7 year terms for Regional Monarchs and 4x7 for NJK Monarchs.

            {} Hierarchal Monarchial Powers - These terms are to be renewed after each 7 year period by an approval vote amongst all existing monarch. Each Level of Hierarchal Monarch will have increasing judicially reviewing before and following the vote is necessary.

            {} Outgoing Monarch Candidacing - An ending (and not deposed) Monarch shall provide a list of 7 Candidates (from, when applicable, directly sub-monarchial group), for His succession which will be voted upon in two rounds.

{} Candidates Presentation - Monarch presents each of 7 candidates over a 21 day period, every 3 days.

{} Presentation Ordering - The order of the candidates’ presentation is to be set by a publicly held random drawing.

                         {} Candidates Acceptance - Candidate is to follow up Monarchial presentation with an acceptance speech which is to set out the reasons why he is accepting this candidacy.

                                    {} Submission of Acceptance Speech - All 7 Acceptance Speech are to be submitted to Monarchial Office in their form a week before the start of the Candidate Presentation. Upon the Candidates presentation of it. It is to be publicly released and a transcript comparison with spoken speech is to be provided by Monarchial office after its presentation.


                        {} Round Voting - The general voting in two rounds, will first be by the monarchial peers or Senatorial Constituents, as pertinently applicable (See below), with the top 3 vote-getting candidates then being in the final round of voting.


The various Electoral Roundings are as follows:

{}   HC Princep Election = 7 Candidates selections by outgoing HC Princep - Primary Round of voting by the 12 HC’s District, and HC, Pastoral Quorums of 3, and a Secondary Round by the Regions Citizens


{}   Regional Ethnarch Election = 7 Candidates selections by outgoing Regional Ethnarch - Primary Round vote by other HC Princeps in Region - Secondary Round by NJK Region’s Citizens.


{}   NJK Monarch Election = 7 Candidates selections by NJK Monarch - Primary Round vote by NJK Ethnarchs - Secondary Round Vote by NJK Citizens


{} Monarchial Mid-Term Approval Vote - At the respective mid-point of their monarchial term, all levels of the NJK Monarchial Powers will be subjected to a snap approval vote of the NJK/HC Citizen in the pertinent, directly affected jurisdiction. The also pertinent jurisdiction monarchs will simultaneously hold a distinct vote. And then the two votings will be compared.


            {} Action upon Result - The following action will be done based on the following disapproving voting results:


            =Monarchs: Approve - NJK/HC Citizens: Disapprove :: Monarchs have the option to keep the present state of things or have the runner up in last General Election automatically accedes as an interim. (As an interim, is eligible, if selected, for a candidate in future General Election)

            =Monarchs: Disapprove - NJK/HC Citizens: Approve :: Monarchial Election Voting done between last election’s two runners up. (Any accepting General Election candidate must also agree in advance to potential future, interim election mandate.)

            =Monarchs: Disapprove - NJK/HC Citizens: Disapprove :: A General Election is held for a non-interim mandate.


{}   Secret Balloting and Voting - The candidates in the Primary Round for the Monarchial votes will be submitted and voted upon by secret ballot.


            {}   Periodic Disclosure - The results of this secret ballot will be published after 28 years.


{}   Citizenry Leadership Rights - Any citizen elected or selected to assist the monarchy can be democratically recalled by election/selection, if personally agreed upon, however only at the end of the present year of service.

Monarchial Assistance are for 3.5 years terms.


{}   Monarchial Referential Veto - A Monarch is authorize to veto, with demonstrated cause, any action needing his final approval. To override this veto, the underlying party must then obtain 25% higher margin of approving popular votes.


            {}   Veto Limit - A limit of 3 vetos can be imposed on a similar actions or to distinct individual or new objected elements in an action.


                        {}   Post Final Veto Appeals - After three failing veto overriding attempts, an action becomes final and can only be further challenged by appeal to the next higher or applicable Monarchial Court.


{}   Monarchial Court - The Monarchial Courts that can be convened with cause are a Regional Court or an NJK Court. Decision jury voting is open to the applicable constituency.


{}   “Localized” Monarchial Elections - Superior Monarchial level have veto power upon lower vetos or veto overrides.


{}   Monarchial Recognitions - Upon deserved actions, the NJK Monarchs are to confer a formal recognition for NJK Valuing actions upon citizens. This formal recognizing actions also can serve to distinguish future possible Monarchial candidates, and that publicly and in advance.



{}   Election Time Early Voting Pollage - Voting constituents can indicate their voting intention by casting their votes early, and if desired, with explanatory reason, -a vote which can be changed at any time prior to the end of the election period.


Leadership Promotions

{} All Promotion to Leadership position, which are all higher remunerated are subject to a review session by any validly inquiring HC Citizen ending in a normative voting which requires a majority so acceptance of that candidate’s promotion.


Leadership Reward and Remuneration

{}   NJK Leadership (Annual) Discretionary Expense Fund & Budget Scale (Luke 12:48)

The Discretionary Expense funding and budget of each of the NJK’s main leadership offices is according to the following scale.

            -The fund is not pointedly a personal income for the holder of these offices, nor is it, , nor what it acquires, a personally pocketable, saveable or transferable revenue/property.

            -The office holder is expected to use the funds towards generally or directly upbuilding the NJK.

            -The fund and budget can solely used for discretionary, even leisure, expense related to the office held; such as for the purchasing/procuring of assets, goods and/or services (e.g., a employment/leisure residence for office holders or other assets or services, travel, vacation, departmental retreats, etc.)

            -The recipient of this budgetary allowance is expected to both provide for his personal/family needs (which should be within the first 50,000), as well as fully provide for their offices’ discretionary expending.

            -Any valid emergency increase for office expenses can be judiciously granted, but as due an office debt.

            -All funds are released upon the simple citizenship approval voting.

            -As with any NJK Action, any voting result/decision, can be subjected to a judicial review.

            -Entitled Funds which are not entirely expended by the end of an office holder’s term are cumulatively transferred to the next office holder’s term.

            -At anytime Office Entitled Funds can be equally bequeathed to the citizenry’s fund. (This does not increase the Citizenry’s base income level).

            -All holders of the office who have completed their term in good/approved standings are entitled to the future, post-office/term enjoyment of purchased/procured entities.

            -All international transactions are subject to the final approval of the immediate and/or pertinently implicated NJK/HC Monarchial Ruler

            -Purchased/procured entities may discretionarily, and with pertinent peer consent, be made available to non-office holders.

            -Foreign transaction will be valued in NJK funds according to the monetary/value purchasing power rates then. (e.g., $20,000 USD = $2,000 NJD)

            -All transactions, including foreign ones, are fully subject to all Laws pertinent/specific to NJK, Regional, and/or HC Laws.



Reward/Remuneration Scale

NJK Monarch - 1000X - $50,000,000

NJK Ethnarchs - 100X - $5,000,000

HC Princeps - 10X - $500,000

HC Presidents - 7X - $350,000

Powers Leaders - 6X - $300,000

Subdivision Chiefs - 5X - $250,000

Ministry Ministers - 4X - $200,000

Department Directors - 3X - $150,000

Office Secretaries - 2X - $100,000

Agency Effectives - 1.5X - $75,000

NJK Citizens - 1X - $50,000



{}   Joint Powers Review Inquiry Hearing - Upon any major decision, such as e.g., a leadership position appointment/promotion, a voluntarily-participated, but mandatorily-attended and represented, joint powers hearing made up of a selected group of powers representatives, composed of 10 people from each 7 powers, will be held for any pertinent questioning of the receiver of the appointment/promotion.



NJK Citizenry Rights


{} Adoptee Founding Citizenship - On top of being natural citizens, all adopted-from-abortion infants ever born to the NJK are direct children of initial founder.


Foreign Adoptions

{} Full Natural Parental Reclamation Right - An Adoptee’s natural parent(s) may retain their full parental reclamation right, subject to NJK Judicial Approval and Global Monitoring and Periodic Review through Adoptee’s Dependenthood, only if they had given up the child to NJK Adoption with any profiting donations.


{} Limited Natural Parental Reclamation Right - An Adoptee’s natural parent(s) who had accepted profiting donations in the adoption of their child is subject to the same reclamation approval and checks as in the Full Rights of situations, but is also dependent on the valid and express pre-approval of an adoptee for final granting of reclamation request.


            {} The adoptee reclamation right can only be waived if that natural parent returns the profiting adoption donations in full and with due interest.




{}   NJK Pageantry is to Spiritually emphasize the taming/conquering/restoring/advancing of all of nature including inanimate nature, as in technology by God’s Intelligently created humans all towards the end of God’s Perfect Will for the life Humans on this Planet. (=Gen 1:26-28)


            {}  NJK Anthems - 7 NJK Anthems are always to be wordily sung with and with only one verse being sung per rendition.

            {} The verse sung is to be the sequentially or recursively next one from the last time that that particular anthem was formally sung.

            {} The vocal arrangement, musical/instrumental orchestration, and stylistic rendition is up to the presenter however with the final approval of a dedicated pageantry official.









Charter of Duties, Rights and Freedoms


-Communications - As per Matt 5:37, there exists only a Freedom of Truth in the NJK. So Citizen have the responsibility to ascertain, indeed through the various facilitations of NJK resources, that what they are publically claiming is, to the best of their capabilities, the Truth.


-Judicial Light - As the realized aim of the NJK will be to have a society based on righteousness, a benefit of the doubt is given to claims of/against unrighteous acting. Therefore the will exist a Presumption of Responsibility (which is not necessarily: Guilt); -which in turn involves a legal Responsibility on the one(s) bringing the accusations/allegations/charges.

            -To protect against unlawful prosecution at least two witnesses will be required to lay a judicial claim. In the case of a lone possible civilian witness, that lone witness will be able to fulfill this requirement with a summons for assistance from investigative law enforcement however at their probable cause liability (i.e., being personally responsible for expended resources).

            -A person laying a charge is liable of perjury penalties and procedural costs if the charge is shown to have been a “False Witness”.


-Moral Duty -Every NJK Citizen has the duty to report unlawful action/activity and is passible of corresponding “accessory” penalties if they knowingly do not.






April 25, 2013