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World Aid
The primary motivating reason for the establsihment of the NJK is to literally "liberate" Christians who would like to make a significant positive difference in this world. The current subjective and exxagerated/unecessary demands imposed by world social conditions and economics do not allow enough freedom for full ministry in behalf of those who need help the most. Therefore each HC will aim to supply surrounding needy countries with tangible humanitarian aid. This will be in the form of technical, educational, medical and physical (i.e., manpower) assistance, among others. Vital necessities such as food, clean freshwater, and medical aid will be initially supplied, as need be, by residents of HC's. That will be until the beneficients can help themselves by having the needed supply and production infrastructure and educated and trained professionals to do so. Other basic needs of life such as proper/adequate shelter, clothing and sanitation, etc, will be techinically and if necessary physically provided and assisted by NJK (Professional) Missionaries. The end goal of NJK Mission works is to help these needy regions become self sufficient and independent in these areas of need and to make life much more "livable" and enjoyable for all. Of course, the NJK will also seek to meet spiritual/social needs of people by presenting the Truths of the Gospel as it is presented and found in the person of Jesus Christ.

World's Aid Needs Table with references to God's mandates in Isaiah 58 (cf. Matt 25:31-46)
*["Net" figures are determined by the resulting need that would exist if available present resources were consumed accordingly to normal consumption by some of those with this particular need. The actual "gross" world hunger need is 872 million; freshwater- 1.5 billion people and education 2.0 billion]

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Will It Be God Or "Mammon"?

       When one looks at the list of needs in the world today and asks why isn't the world Christian Community doing something significant about this to change things, without a doubt, the underlying reason given or implied in the answer will be: 'there not enough funds'. This is indeed the main reason, but does it have to be? The Christians who can help (First World Christians) are mostly occupied with the maintaining of their high standard of life, while other Christians in the world are struggling to reach a higher, livable standard. Still the Great Commission of Jesus Christ remains to be fulfilled along with the many objectives that God has had for His people in this world. As Jesus stated:, it is impossible to side with both (opposing) sides in this issue for: "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth." (Mat. 6:24).
       It should self evident that through the present economic system, such objectives will never be met. A radical change is of an absolute necessity and when one considers that money is just a system of exchange that is based more on subjective values rather than basic, actually costs, this needed change can easily be made there, especially among Christians. That is if Christians are willing to despise the world's accepted conception of "wealth".

May 28, 2008